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My name is Imgar. 

I'm a portrait photographer based in Amsterdam

In my studio, located in Amsterdam Zuid, I like to create stunning and vivid portraits. By controlling the light sources, I create different moods in my photography. 


My main work is portraits for corporate profiles and photos for private use as website, social media, book cover, business launch, rebrand or startups.


For me it is very important to understand why you want the photos, even when you just want them for your profile picture. Sometimes it's because you are looking for a new job or starting one and you want to feel and look confident. Confidence is what makes a simple outfit look good.


My main goal is to deliver an end result that shows you in your best light. To make you feel comfortable during the shoot, try to connect more with you, have an enjoyable experience and of course create beautiful photos.


Photography is about telling stories, personal and business portraits do that too and I want to be the one to help you tell that story.

I'm Chilean and have been living in Amsterdam for several years. When I moved to the Netherlands, I decided to give my passion for photography a try on a professional level.

My hobby became my profession and I love it.




Henri Zagwijnstraat 18-2

1077 XR Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Opening hours

By appointment only

Mon - Fri   9:00 - 17:00 hrs.

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